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SEND Local Offer

Identifying and implementing enhanced support

How will Holly Corner Kindergarten know if my child needs extra help and what do I need to do if I think my child may have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities?

We have one trained and experienced SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinators), who work to identify children with SEN as early as possible through everyday observations of the child and tracking their development within the EYFS. We then speak to parents sensitively and work together to support the child.
The child’s keyperson works alongside the manager, SENCO, parents and the child. Having regard of the SEN code of practice, Early Years Foundation Stage, ECM, The children’s and family act (2014) and any other relevant documentation. The induction process allows parents to give information regarding their child’s strengths, interests and any other concerns regarding the child. We complete 2 Year Old Progress Checks where we can discuss any concerns we may have or the parent may have. If there are any concerns, we may, with permission, seek advice from our area SENCO.

How will Holly Corner Kindergarten support a child with a SEND?

We use an assess, plan, do and review cycle for children identified as having SEN. Children are initially provided a One Page Profile which is developed between the child’s parents and keyperson. For Children with more complex needs a SEN support plan is developed through one planning with the family and any outside agency that supports the child to ensure we do everything we can to meet the child’s needs.  Both the One Page Profile and SEN support plan are reviewed regularly to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the child as they progress and develop. We may work with our area SENCO, Speech and Language Therapists, Specialist Teacher team and the local Children’s Centre in order to support children in the setting.
The child’s keyperson aims to differentiate activities and resources to suit each child’s individual needs.
Literature can be translated into additional languages if required.
Continually liaising with parents, carers and creating a SEN support plan with agreed outcomes.

How will Holly Corner Kindergarten create learning & development opportunities for individual children with SEND?

We provide an environment sensitive to each individual child’s needs allowing their self-confidence and self-esteem to develop.  We work with all agencies involved with each child to develop tailored support taking into account their individual needs through the graduated response.
The Graduated Response:

“Assess” in identifying a child as needing SEN support, the key person (working with the nursery SENCO and the child’s parents) carry out an analysis of the child’s needs. This initial assessment is reviewed regularly to ensure support is matched to need. Where there is little or no improvement in the child’s progress, more specialist assessment may be called for from specialist teachers or from health, social care or other agencies beyond the nursery.

“Plan” when SEND support is to be provided the key person and the SENCO agree, in consultation with the parent, the outcomes they are seeking, the interventions and support to be put into place, the expected impact on progress, development or behaviour and a clear date for review

“Do” the key person remains responsible for working with the child on a daily basis. With support from the SENCO they oversee the implementation of the interventions agreed as part of the SEND support. The SENCO supports the key person in assessing the child’s response to the action taken and advising on the effective implementation of support.

“Review” the impact and quality of the support is evaluated by the key person and the SENCO working with the child’s parents and taking into account the child views. They agree any changes to the outcomes and support for the child in the light of the child’s progress and development. The parents are provided with clear information about the impact of the support provided and are involved in planning the next steps.

How does Holly Corner Kindergarten work in partnership with parents?

We consult parents at every opportunity in order to support the child.  We ask parents to contribute to the SEND support plan and one page profiles, and meet with them termly to review their child’s progress.  We are always available to speak to parents at the beginning and end of each session.  
Holly Corner Kindergarten holds many events throughout the year for example, christmas events, summer events and parents evenings. Every child that attends Holly Corner, receives an trial session during this, parents are given the opportunity to share information regarding their child with either the child’s keyperson or the nursery manager. Once the child has settled into nursery, we provide 2 year checks, termly learning and developments, developmental trackers and a learning story.
Information is shared on our website, through newsletters and through informal conversations with parents.
We also have on offer, story sacks, activity bags and a reading scheme which we share with the parents and children.
We gain written permission from the child’s parents before sharing information with other settings and professionals.

How does Holly Corner Kindergarten support the wellbeing of young children with SEND?

Holly Corner welcomes all children and aims to respond appropriately to each child’s background and individual needs. All children are encouraged regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion to participate in all activities.
We have comprehensive policies and procedures to support every child in the setting, this includes an illness and medication policy, which sets out our procedures for administering prescribed medication, which all parents sign on induction along with authorisation to administer emergency medication. We conduct regular risk assessments and adapt our environment accordingly.

What training & experience does staff at Holly Corner Kindergarten have in supporting children with SEND?

Our Senco has completed the ‘role of a Senco Level 3 award’ and has completed the Inclusion and Development programme for Autism, She has also completed Elklan Speech and Language Support for Under 5’s Level 2 and we have one Practitioner who has completed Makaton training. Our SENCo has attended relevant behaviour training to keep us updated with behaviour strategies. We regularly complete SEN training and attend briefings to keep our knowledge updated.  
All our practitioners have current Paediatric First Aid training, Safeguarding training and work with our Health and Safety Co-ordinator to ensure the safety of the children. Any new members of staff who join Holly Corner undertake training in this area as part of the induction process.
We have one practitioner who is ENCo trained, this person is responsible for ensuring all members of staff are aware of the needs of the children and their families.
We are now registered on the Good beginnings Autism Bronze award and are working towards achieving the award.
Staff complete online training in regards to SEND through the ECC website and the Pre School Learning Alliance.

What specialist services and expertise are available to Holly Corner Kindergarten?

We work in partnership with a variety of other professionals including SALT (Speech and Language Therapy), Specialist Teachers, Support Workers, Area SENCo, Children’s Centre, Behaviour Specialist, Educational Psychologist.
How does Holly Corner Kindergarten include young children with SEND in community based activities and outings?
We have a named ENCo (Equality Named Co-ordinator) who ensure that we create an environment where all children feel included and they have the opportunity to experience and understand different cultures, languages and people with a variety of different needs.
We invite professionals from a range of occupations to visit Holly Corner. In the past, we have had the police, paramedics and members of the army come in and speak to the children.
We have previously been on small group outings to the post office, teaching children about road safety and talking about the local community. Before an outing we complete a thorough risk assesment of the activity.
When we do go on an outing, we ensure we take all medication the children may need i.e. asthma inhalers, epi-pens etc as well as contact details of parents incase of emergency.

How accessible is Holly Corner Kindergarten?

Holly Corner is a two-storey building. There are 2 playrooms on the ground floor, which are accessible to all and one playroom on the first floor. If there was a need to change the rooms around to accommodate an older child, we would take the necessary steps to do this. There is parking available on the road directly outside the nursery. We have an accessible toilet and wheelchair access via the back of the building.  

How will Holly Corner Kindergarten prepare and support my child to join the nursery or transfer into a new setting or school?

All children who attend the setting are offered settling in sessions.  We always take these at the child’s pace and allow the child to settle gradually.  We meet with each child’s parents to make sure we have as much information about their child as possible and ask that children have any special comforters with them at all times. Learning Stories and Trackers are given to parents to share with any new setting the child may transfer to. When children transfer rooms, we ensure children have access to transition books which include a range of photos from their new room. Children attend visits in their new rooms which allows them to familiarise themselves with the new environment and staff. When children move rooms within the nursery, we offer parents a transition meeting where they can discuss any questions they may have with their child’s new keyperson.
All children are supported when it is time to transition to school, we have regular P.E sessions throughout the year.  We have close links with feeder schools and arrange for teachers/LSA’s to visit the kindergarten and where possible, the child’s keyperson and the Early Years Practice Manager visit the school.  We encourage all parents to share their childs Learning Stories and Trackers with the schools.

How are Holly Corner Kindergarten resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

We work with each child’s parents and the relevant professionals to assess the child’s needs.  We use a variety of visual strategies around the setting including visual timetables, routines, Happy and Sad faces, and first and then boards. Each Practitioner has a set of visual reminders at all times. We create and source any specific activities a child requires to meet their needs.
When it is appropriate to do so, we are able to apply for SEN premium with support from outside professionals and also completing specific reports for each individual child. The Pre School Allocations Panel then assesses this.
All the SENCOs from our group of nurseries meet regularly so they can support each other and share resources and ideas. 

How do we decide on appropriate support for young children with SEND?

Holly Corner has one setting SENCO who is responsible alongside the nursery manager and the child’s keyperson for ensuring that the various SEN strategies are implemented, working in partnership with the child’s parents. Through observing the children in our care, liasing with specialist agencies and parents, we will provide and implement the appropriate support for each individual child with SEND. We work in partnership with the local childrens centre and other settings to ensure we are meeting the children’s needs effectively.
All children within the setting regularly have their progress tracked to ensure we become aware of any SEND.  We will always liaise with our Area SENCo who regularly advises on strategies and techniques to use for children with SEND.

How are parents involved at Holly Corner Kindergarten? How can I be involved?

We encourage all our parents to be involved in every aspect of their child’s care, learning and development. We will do this by holding regular meetings to create and review one planning thus creating a two way communication between the setting and parents. We also gain parents input into the learning journeys by asking them to complete a range of documents such as ‘all about me’ forms for their child, Two Stars and a Wish, which is the child’s opinion on what they have achieved and what they would like to be able to do and Wow Vouchers which celebrate childrens achievements from home.


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